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There is only dr-fat in that package at this time.





I've rewritten jpeg-recover. It is by far better now. There is still room for improvement, but it seems that dr-ext2 doesn't work with some ext2 partitions so I will correct that before. Also note that the long name for '-c' should be '--stdin' and not '--stdout', but I won't post a new version just for that.


I have recently recovered data from a dying hard disk. I have used dd_rescue to make an image of the FAT32 filesystem.

dd_rescue reports error location in KiB, not in filesystem blocks.

So I have done a script you can download to convert dd_rescue logs into a list of blocks in hexadecimal.

To use it you will need the number of sectors preceding the root directory and the number of sectors per block. You can get that info running the first phase of dr-fat, then checking in the file dr-fat_data/logs/fat :

To use that script in conjunction with dr-fat, you need a quick and ugly patch to apply against dr-tools v0.3.0. sources.